Granville Stuart

December 11, 2018

He was a "road" rancher, prospector, horse trader, blacksmith, merchant, civic leader and vigilante. He didn't make a fortune, but was known a "Mister Montana".

Bethenia Owens

December 4, 2018

As a daring female physician, she overcame prejudice and hardship to pave the way for others. She never refused a call, braving storms, floods and other obstacles to serve those in need.

The Lost Bride

November 27, 2018

Who was this beautiful well dressed young woman and how did her lifeless body end up in the river? Miners and Indians came together to give her a proper funeral.

Gold Rush Robbers

November 20, 2018

Some unlucky miners tried their luck at robbing stagecoaches. They didn't count on Nevada City marshal Steve Vernard and his trusty Henry rifle.

Chief Buffalo Horn

November 13, 2018

The treaty was supposed to say, "Camas Prairie", not "Kansas Prairie", which led the Bannock Indians to revolt. An eye witness to the battle described how Chief Buffalo Horn was killed and the battle was over.

Stagecoach Stories

November 6, 2018

Dirty, dangerous and slow, thousands traveled by stage. Despite robbers, Indians and narrow roads, the real terror was accidents, sometimes caused by careless drivers.

Joe Phy

October 30, 2018

As Indians attacked the freight wagon, the military escort abandoned Joe and Mac. Muleskinner Joe held off the attack as Mac rode for help, but would they get there in time?

Idaho Jack

October 23, 2018

Known as the "King of Bears", Idaho Jack was big, smart and dangerous. Swartz didn't want to kill this legend; he wanted to outsmart and capture him.

Dave Simpson

October 16, 2018

He was the blacksmith at the Rock Creek Station and rumored to be a horse thief. A detective found enough evidence, so it was decided that Dave Simpson must hang.

Whipsaw and Little Cayuse

October 9, 2018

Whipsaw, an old trapper, took in a captive 2 year old Pawnee Indian boy. Named "Little Cayuse" he had an acute sense of alertness that enabled him to warn of approaching danger.