King Fisher

June 19, 2018

He was handsome, pleasant, a perfect gentleman but deadly with a six-gun. He rode both sides of the law, rustled a few cows, killed a few cowboys and died the way he lived.

Steamboat Queen

June 12, 2018

Steamboat races on the Sacramento River was a popular pastime. The captains would do anything to win, including ramming and shooting at the the other boat.

The Petrified Man

June 5, 2018

Who was this man and how did he become petrified? Is it General Meagher or Antelope Charley? This rare specimen made a lot of money for the owners.

Malee Francis

May 29, 2018

Malee, daughter of a Creek Indian Chief, was known as Florida's Pocahontas after saving the life of a soldier. She was the only woman in US history to be awarded a special medal.

A Soldier's Food

May 22, 2018

Salt beef, salt pork, beans, bread, hardtack, cornmeal mush all washed down with black coffee and they did their own cooking. Food shortages were common, along with moldy, rancid and spoiled meat.

Curse of the Mine

May 15, 2018

The Lost Creek Mine seemed to bring nothing but bad luck and for some a curse.

Hank Vaughan

May 8, 2018

Vaughan was a mix of gunplay, murder, livestock rustling and occasionally a good citizen. The old gunfighter's body, scarred by thirteen bullet wounds, died falling off a horse.

The Gunnison Battle

May 1, 2018

Captain John Gunnison was on a surveying mission in Utah Territory. A wagon train of Missourians, determined to kill Indians, and Pahvant Indians bent on revenge ended in tragic death on both sides, including Gunnison.

Health on the Trail

April 24, 2018

Early travelers faced choking dust, mud, insects, bad weather, not enough food, sickness and often death. Travelers preferred treatment from traders and mountain men.

Spanish Gold

April 17, 2018

In the 1600's, the Spanish enslaved local natives for mining gold. One man discovered gold, but was shot and killed. Before he died, he told a local cowboy where to find the treasure.