The Townsmen - Part 2

August 14, 2018

A land rush was an exciting race to claim a lot in a new town. The general store, or "shebang", was the life of the town, where goods could be purchased, including prefabricated homes.

Jon Hagadorn - Guest Speaker

August 11, 2018

Tom Horn was a scout, cowboy, soldier, range detective and convicted killer as told by fellow podcaster Jon Hagadorn (1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries Podcast).


August 7, 2018

With a rifle, six-shooter, ammunition, horse and blanket, these men faced some of the worst outlaws. The pay was poor, some rode both sides of the law, but most were faithful brave men doing their job.

The Townsmen

July 31, 2018

Towns by the thousands sprang up across the west, some prospered and grew. They attracted butchers, bakers, merchants, doctors, but the editor of the newspaper was most important.

Dave Tucker

July 24, 2018

He spent time in jail for cattle rustling and robbing a bank. So how did this man become President of the very bank he helped rob, and became a stalwart citizen?

The Triskett Gang

July 17, 2018

Violence was not uncommon in the small gold rush towns, but the Triskett Gang were thieves and murderers. Frontier justice put an end to their rein of terror.

Steamers on the "Big Muddy"

July 10, 2018

Fires, snags, sand bars and exploding boilers were just some of the dangers for steamboats on the treacherous Missouri River.

The Blue Roan Mankiller

July 3, 2018

The outlaw horse had never been ridden and had killed two men. The pride of the ranch depended on Shorty and his bronc riding ability.

Kitchen-Table Surgery

June 26, 2018

Setting broken bones, gunshot wounds, amputations, appendectomies, tracheotomies and even brain surgery was performed by skilled surgeons in the homes of pioneers.

King Fisher

June 19, 2018

He was handsome, pleasant, a perfect gentleman but deadly with a six-gun. He rode both sides of the law, rustled a few cows, killed a few cowboys and died the way he lived.